Charity raising funds for generators in Ukraine

time:2023-05-29 12:57:05 source:Al Jazeera

A Bristol charity is hoping to raise £30,000 to pay for generators in Ukraine as temperatures plummet this winter.

Repeated strikes by Russian forces on critical infrastructure has left millions facing blackouts.

Love Bristol warns that if isolated communities are not given generators, the future is "not very hopeful".

It is calling for donations to buy generators, with the first already on their way to Ukraine.

The charity helped Katerina Zvarych and her mother-in-law Olga Zvarych settle in the UK .

Speaking to BBC West, Katerina said her family in Ukraine were without power.

"For them it's horrible," she said.

"They don't have a fireplace where they can feel better and because of that they wake up every morning and go to the cafe in the centre of the city to feel warmer."

Olga left Ukraine less than a month ago.

Three of her children are still there, and her sister is living by candle light.

The weather is dipping well below freezing, and often there are power cuts of eight to 12 hours.

Love Bristol aid worker Rosie Neave, who is working on the Ukraine-Poland border, said in some villages people had been without power for months.

"We had people queuing for 14 hours to get water from a pump, so it's quite critical for them."

She continued: "There are people living in damp basements in horrific living conditions - if generators aren't provided for them this winter it's not very hopeful."

Love Bristol has now helped 800 Ukrainian people resettle in the UK, and has organised a number of aid trips to the city of Lviv.

Since the start of the war, it has set up a network of partnerships with churches and distribution centres.

It said that as well as food and medical supplies, generators and power packs are listed as the most critical aid supplies.

Love Bristol said: "We are asking for donations to help buy power supplies for the Ukrainian people we are working with.

"We will try to source the majority of these generators in Poland or other neighbouring countries in order to support their economies and reduce the environmental impact and high costs of extensive land travel from the UK."

It added: "All donations will be warmly received and contribute towards these vital supplies.

"We greatly appreciate your support and ask that you would share this campaign with others in order for us to buy as many generators as possible for vulnerable people in Ukraine."

Katerina said: "As long as we feel your support, and support from other people, we will be strong and we will know we can win this war and are not alone."

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